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Ever since I captured my first butterfly on camera whilst on holiday in Thailand, I have been hooked on close up/macro photography.

dragonfly I am not a photographer by any means and until last year I seldom took any photographs because the end results were usually poor. Because of this I had no real interest in photography, that is, until I got my very first digital camera, a Canon PowerShot S70, last year (2005). Since then I have had some very pleasing results and I have now taken possession of a true macro lens so that I can get some really close up shots. The lens is the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 EX DG MACRO HSM (Canon AF), which I hear is excellent. I shall be testing it out properly in the spring/summer 2007.

Birdlife in the GARDEN

I've more or less given up on macro photography for the time being and turned my attention to the wildlife in our garden. It is heaving with birdlife at the moment so I'm trying my luck at capturing some of that wildlife on camera. I have tried for some time to get a decent shot of the 'Greater Spotted' woodpecker (below) which visits daily. Since putting out Nyjer seeds there are lots of colourful Goldfinches (also below) who seem to find these seeds irresistable.


long-tailed tits




male woodpecker



Photographs in the 'Travel Album' were taken in various locations around the world using a Canon AE1 program, an Olympus MJU II Zoom 80 & more recently a Canon PowerShot S70 & a Canon E0S 350D camera.

See some of my favourite photographs, including macro photography in my Photo Album which can be accessed via the drop down menu above.

Photography in the GARDEN

hedgehogIt is now just over five months since we moved into our new house and we're lovin' it! The weather has been kind enough to allow us to enjoy the garden which always seems to be full of life. Already we've had a squirrel, a hedgehog, a weasel (or stoat, not sure!) and a woodpecker visit the garden. Along with lots of wasps, bees, butterflies and dragonflies, I don't have to go too far for subjects for some macro photography. The cats have settled in quite nicely. Tom has taken to the garden like 'a duck to water' and has brought me 'gifts' of mice & butterflies almost daily. These are gifts I could really do without! Oh, why are cats sooo cruel? Jenny spent the first two weeks behind the sofa but is gradually becoming more adventurous and has started to explore the garden a bit more.

The Elusive Butterfly

orange tip butterfly Photographing butterflies in the wild is extremely difficult. Not only do you have to deal with problems of low lighting, a very shallow depth of field and a subject that won't keep still long enough to be "snapped". It requires a great deal of patience and a lot of luck. I have a macro setting on my compact digital camera which I use for all of my insect shots. Obviously this is nowhere near as efficient as a true macro lens (which I now have) but it is a lot cheaper since a good macro lenses will cost you in the region of 250-350.

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spinning spider Molly Wall Brown butterfly

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